For those unable to perform functional closed chain exercise following the established guidelines for resistance training, the frame enables the user to decrease their body weight therefore allowing for proper and specific form. Offloading body weight enables exercises to perform movements they would otherwise be unable to do, providing better programming and more variety to their fitness routine.

The frame unique to The CKC Trainer allows those who are functionally strong to add resistance by placing the strength bands in strategic locations on the frame. By design, during most resisted upper extremity exercise, the bands apply resistance close to your center of mass. This engages a great deal of core stabilization to complete the exercise with proper form.

The CKC Trainer is designed to allow you to independently develop your speed of motion in both your upper and lower extremities. By the frames ingenious design, and the use of heavy duty elastic bands attached to it, over-speed training can easily be accomplished. By getting stronger and faster you will become more powerful.



Offload Body Weight

Add Resistance

Improve Power