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Meet Jon Fried

When Jon Fried was born his parents were told to put him in an institution and forget about him. He was diagnosed with central nervous system developmental problems and a multiple of orthopedic challenges. Mark and Barbara Fried did not except that as an outcome. They sought another path. They explored new techniques in an attempt to help Jon improve. This has been a theme throughout Jon’s life.

During Jon’s life journey it was discovered he loved the game of tennis. “He would hit the ball against the wall for hours on end” according to Barbara Fried, Jon’s Mother. It was discovered that tennis was one of Jon’s gifts.

Despite a very low IQ, lack of lower extremity motor function, monocular vision, and lower extremity osteoarthritis, Jon won the silver medal in men’s singles tennis at the world special Olympic games in Athens Greece in 2011. Despite being 53 years old, Jon competes in the highest division and is still considered the best male Special Olympics singles tennis player in the United States.

Despite these challenges, Jon works hard to maximize his potential, exercising daily to develop power and improve performance. Jon is preparing for the Special Olympic World Games in Los Angeles at the end of the month. CKC Fitness wishes Jon well in his world games quest for gold.

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