5 Ways CKC Training Will Transform Your Business

Closed kinetic chain (CKC) training is the essence and foundation of functional training. By establishing yourself as a CKC expert, the success of your business will dramatically increase. There are five ways in particular that CKC training can transform your business and reputation. In this post we are going to dig into each of the ways CKC training can elevate your business. But, before we address how CKC movements will transform your business, let’s first establish a baseline definition for CKC exercise:

Closed kinetic chain (CKC) exercise takes place with either the upper or lower extremity fixed on an immovable object. The associated muscles contract in an effort to move this object, unable to move the object, the muscular contraction causes motion in the opposite direction moving the bodies’ center of mass instead. This is how our lower extremities function when we move around our environment and this type of contraction is needed in the upper extremity exercise to decrease stress on the shoulder joint.

Now that you understand exactly what CKC exercise is, it is time to understand how crucial it is to the success of your business and the longevity of your career and reputation. Let’s dive into the benefits of being a CKC expert…

Benefit #1: CKC Training Extends Your Expertise

The implementation of CKC exercises into your client / patient programming extends the influence of your expertise by demonstrating that you have a cutting edge understanding of new developments in the field. By including CKC movements it is clear that you understand how to promote optimal joint integrity, increase the efficacy of our natural physiology and improve the quality of our longevity as we age.

Benefit #2: CKC Training Establishes You as an Expert

One of the best ways to build your business is by standing out from the rest of your competitors. By being knowledgeable about the benefits and uses of CKC training for both upper and lower extremities, you can distinguish yourself from the rest of your field. The incorporation of CKC training exercises into your client programming demonstrates a high level of expertise. Trainers and Physical Therapists who methodically integrate CKC movement into their programming are scientifically progressive in their understanding of new developments in the field of exercise physiology.

Benefit #3: CKC Training Evaluates and Improves Your Programming

When you include CKC exercises for both the lower and upper extremities in your programming, you are ensuring optimal results for your clients. The inclusion of CKC exercises assists in proper client evaluation, leading to better overall and individualized program development. Furthermore, CKC training promotes stable joint integrity as well as overall musculature balance. CKC exercises improve your overall programming by helping individuals reach their genetic potential through the optimization of the individual’s functional training movements.

Benefit #4: CKC Training Expands

Your Income ($$$)!

By including CKC programming in your methods you will attract new business through the raving referrals your current clients will be recruiting for you. Additionally, your client / patient retention rate will improve as your client / patient results improve through your implementation of CKC techniques. The better results you get through your training techniques, and the better you can help make someone feel, the more money you will make.

Benefit #5: CKC Training Elicits Exceptional Results

Through programming based around CKC exercises, your clients / patients will see and feel dramatic changes in their fitness and their bodies. Also, when training according to CKC movements, the risk of injuries can be minimized, allowing your clients / patients to do more of what they love with less injury. Your proper mastery of CKC exercises can significantly impact and increase the results your clients / patients experience. When you are known for exceptional results, your business reputation will be extraordinary.

The very best way to incorporate CKC training into your business for optimal success is by owning a Luedeka Body Weight Trainer. The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer is space efficient, ideal for the conservation of precious floor space. Also, thanks to its multi-functional nature and ability to either assist or resist a client / patient through a movement, it is an empowering for the client / patient, allowing someone of any fitness level to be challenged through any CKC movement.

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