The CKC trainer allows users to train their core functionally. Most motion happens in short bursts with increases force production. We need to react these forces and stabilize these increased forces in all planes. Our core is a conduit designed to transfer force to the arms and legs; it is not a prime lifter. To train core stability strength, it is recommended to perform dynamic and resistive exercise where the user is stabilizing during every repetition.

The following exercises are designed to strengthen your ability to stabilize your spine. Scroll down to learn more about specific upper extremity exercises on the CKC Trainer


Ground Stabilization Planks


Standing Stabilization Planks


Lower Back Stabilization 


Functional Exercise Equipment

The first functionally based all-in-one exercise trainer to incorporate the many scientific principles of progressive resisted exercise into functional closed chain training. Used to offload weight allowing for proper form or to apply resistance the CKC Trainer will help you reach your functional potential.


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