The CKC Trainer



90" / 228.6 cm



41" / 104.14 cm


Space Occupied

6 x 4 square ft


Band Length

41" / 104.14 cm

Frame Design

Frame metrics determined based off of the strength bands:

  • The frame’s width is equal to the length of the strength band

  • The frame’s height is approximately double the length of the strength band.

These metrics are important because they allow the user to:

  • Closely estimate forces utilized during exercise

  • Objectify how much assistance or resistance used when exercising within the frame

Special Features

  • Increase Strength ​​

  • Gain Power

  • Improve Stability

  • Equalize Muscle Imbalances

  • Prevent Injury and Improve Joint Health 

  • Rehabilitate 

  • Train Safely and Specifically

  • Reach Your Functional Genetic Potential

  • Revolutionize Your Workouts


  • ​A full three year warranty

  • All components of the frame

  • Five resisted/assistive strength bands that are capable of offloading or adding 5 to 200 pounds of force.

  • Two long band holders

  • Four short band holders

  • One long bar 

Watch the Instructional Video 

Learn how to Assemble the CKC Trainer