Personal Training Studios

In a studio setting, the CKC Trainer is ideal, as it maximizes space and optimizes clients results. Additionally, the presence of The CKC Trainer positions studios with exclusivity. Our studios with the CKC Trainer are cutting edge and renown for progressive client results.

Physical Therapy Clinics

The CKC Trainer allows for the objective and gradual application of functionally based closed chain exercise. Closed chain exercise is specific to patient needs and has the greatest affect on their outcomes. Our physical therapy users are able to accelerate the progression of their patients through customized proper functional programming.

In-Home Use

Thanks to its small 6 x 4 sq/ft footprint and 7 foot 6 inch height it is possible for an in-home user to do a total functional workout in the privacy of their own home. Our in-home users save time and money - and get the physical results everyone wants - within the privacy and convenience of their own home.


The CKC Trainer is exceptional for large or small gym settings, permitting members to experience a customized functional training workout that is typically unavailable for facilities with a large member base. The CKC Trainer provides innovative ways to increase the revenue of personal training departments. Members at gyms with The CKC Trainer are privy to cutting edge equipment and ultimately, better results.