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The Evolution of Exercise

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Mounts easily to any wall. 

No more band holder position change

Easier to Use

  • TRX like Straps, Handles and Loop Bands included

  • Go from assisted to resisted functional motion quickly

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Gain strength, increase stability, and prevent injury.

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At Home Use,

Physical Therapy Clinics,

Commercial Gyms

Personal Training Studios


Offload Body Weight
Add Resistance
Improve Power


Proper Form
Decrease Injury
Equalize Strength


Physical Therapy Clinics

Personal Training Studios

Home Use

Commercial Gyms


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Why the CKC Fitness System?

Cecilia Wu 

Participant in pilot study at USC Clinical Biomechanics Orthopedics Research Lab 

Cecilia was mugged in 2006 resulting in a broken clavicle and the injury eventually caused damage to her rotator cuff. She had been living in pain for years. Surgery was too expensive and other forms of treatment proved to be ineffective. 

Cecilia agreed to be a participant in David Luedeka and Lori Michener's study that tested the effectiveness of closed chain exercise on full thickness rotator cuff tears. 

“Before therapy, I couldn’t even wash my back in the shower. Now, I forget I’ve ever had an injury"


Functional Exercise Equipment

The first functionally based all-in-one exercise trainer to incorporate the many scientific principles of progressive resisted exercise into functional closed chain training. Used to offload weight allowing for proper form or to apply resistance the CKC Trainer will help you reach your functional potential.


CKC Fitness System

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