Unique Design

The trainer features a unique patent pending design and is 100% Made in America. We offer free shipping on all orders!

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The trainer allows users to functionally exercise with proper form and to equalize strength levels between upper extremity and lower extremity limbs. By doing this, you will decrease your risk of injury.

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The trainer allows users to offload body weight, add resistance to one's body weight, and develop power in a functionally based resistance training workout.

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The trainer occupies only a 6' x 4' floor space. It is perfect for home use, physical therapy clinics, personal training studios and commercial gyms.

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Why Choose the Luedeka Body Weight Trainer?

Functionally based training programs have become the standard in exercise for good reason. Science has proven that performing resistance training against gravity will improve your fitness and have a greater effect on sports performance and activities of daily living than traditionally based open chain exercise programs.

The problem with most of the functionally based high intensity exercise programs done today is that the orthopedic injury risk associated with them is high. This is due to complex nature of many of the movements, and the deconditioned state of many of those who participate.

If becoming functionally fit is your goal, and you want to participate in a program that is based on the proven scientific principles of exercise, than consider the Luedeka Body Weight Trainer by CKC Fitness Systems. The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer is the first multi station exercise machine that allows all users to perform functional closed kinetic chain exercises regardless of their fitness level. It can offload weight thus allowing for the development of appropriate functional movement patterns, and reducing the risk of injury. Or for the very fit, the Luedeka Body Weight Trainer can apply resistance to most closed chain exercises allowing for a super intense workout challenging your body in ways you never dreamed.

The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer system is space efficient (occupying a 6 x 4 square feet footprint) and versatile due to its ingenious design. The simple band holder/pin system can quickly adjust allowing the user to perform the over 40 exercises that can be done within the frame. Consider the Luedeka Body Weight Trainer the only tool you will need to help you reach your functional genetic potential. Purchase yours today and be part of the functional fitness revolution.

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The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer is the first functionally based all-in-one exercise trainer to incorporate the many scientific principles of progressive resisted exercise into functional closed chain training.

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